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Q. Where is Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts?

A. We are located in The Beverly Plaza.

See the full address and map here.

Q. Do you have a competition/performance company?

A. Yes! For more information, contact the director.



Q. What classes are available?

A. You will find a detailed description of our classes here.


Q. I'm an adult, can I still register for classes?

A. Yes! Beautiful Feet accepts dancers ages 1-100!


Q. I'm a beginner, is it too late for me to get involved in dance?

A. No! It's never too late! We're excited to have you!


Q. How can I get in touch with you?

A. Our contact information is available here.


Q. What is the schedule?

A. There is a spot on our registration form where you can tell us your level of experience in addition to the days and times you are unavailable. We will place you into a class accordingly.

If you're coming to class after a semester has started, don't worry! We'd still love to have you. Just send us a note of what class you're interested in and we'll let you know when it is being held!

For a schedule of special events, follow our Facebook Page for the most up to date information!



Q.  What are the tuition fees and how do I register?

A. You'll find tuition details here. You can register by clicking here, and we'll confirm your classes ASAP!

Q. What is the studio dress code?

A.  Click here to download our Dress Code Policy!

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