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Welcome to
Beautiful Feet!

We are called "Beautiful Feet" after Isaiah 52:7 in the Bible, which says, "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news..." and we exist to bring the good news through dance that God sent us a Savior in Jesus Christ!


Our goal at Beautiful Feet is to honor Jesus Christ our Lord while learning the athletic and graceful dance arts with excellence, making friends... and having fun!

At Beautiful Feet your child's value to us does not depend on his/her dancing skills or experience. We believe every person is a priceless treasure because he/she is valued by God and we will treat each one as such. All are welcome at Beautiful Feet regardless of their beliefs.

At Beautiful Feet we truly have something for everyone!  We offer classes for ages 1-100 in a very wide variety of styles from beginner/recreational through professional levels!

Ballet classes in Casper Wyoming

Performance Opportunities

At Beautiful Feet Academy of the Dance Arts, we love to give your children the opportunity to use the valuable athletic and artistic skills that we are teaching them! Our performances are always uplifting and wholesome, pointing the audience toward Christ because we love to share the good news of Jesus through the avenue of dance.

Dance studio in Casper Wyoming


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From traditional studio recitals, to exciting Christmas shows heralding Jesus' birth... From local performances such as nursing homes and art festivals, to once-in-a-lifetime chances, performing our own original shows at Mt. Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii for the 75th Anniversary Memorial events, and Walt Disney World in Florida! We also perform alongside, open for, and host famous groups such as the Moscow Ballet, Ballet Magnificat, Ballet Ariel, the Harlem Globetrotters, and appear as artists at events such as "Hills Alive" and "LifeLight" (alongside performers like "For King and Country", "Casting Crowns" and Michael W. Smith)!

Inquire for more information about these opportunities.

“Let your light so shine before men...

and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:14–16

Christian Dance studio in Casper WY
Class Rates
Tuition Rates

(Monthly fee -- classes are held weekly):

30 min. class -- $45/mo

45 min. class -- $50/mo
1 hr. class -- $60/mo
1 ½ hr. class -- $70/mo
30 min. private class -- $60/mo

For each additional class per student that you take up to three there will be a $2 discount each class per student after the 3rd will receive a $15 discount. See tuition policy for further details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Private lessons and duo classes do not count toward total number of classes and are not eligible for discounts.

Registration fee (non-refundable):
$25 individual, $40 family -- registration fee is paid annually
Class Description

Class Descriptions

Note: Age designations may be waived based upon students' skill level.

Pricing is dependent on length of class, see here for class rates.

Dancin' with Mommy: Dancin' with Mommy begins at age one. The tuition covers admission for the baby and a parent or legal guardian who comes into the class for the 30 minute period with the baby. Dancin' with Mommy classes include basic stretching, coordination, elementary dance positions, elementary dance steps, baby tumbling (all presented in a fun, age appropriate manner) and, of course, GAMES!


Creative Movement: Creative movement is for two- and three-year-olds. It is 30 minutes in length and involves stretching, basic dance moves, basic motion/coordination, tumbling, and of course, GAMES!  Parents are welcome to dance with their young one if desired.

Kids Dance in Casper_edited.jpg
Kids Dance Classes in Casper WYoming_edited.jpg

Ballet: Ballet classes begin at age three. Classes for dancers approximately three to seven years of age are most popular as combo classes (ballet/tumbling is the most frequently requested combo as it gives the dancers a superior base in body control technique that translates easily into other styles). Combo classes are 1 hour. Taking only the ballet section or only the tumbling section of a combo is also an option. Ballet classes for dancers approximately eight to eleven years of age will be one hour in length. Classes for dancers ages twelve and up will last for 1 ½ hours.


Tap: Tap classes begin at age three. Classes for younger dancers are 30 minutes in length.  Classes for approximately eight and up are one hour in length. Combo classes are also available.

Jazz: Jazz is a very technically strong dance form similar to ballet in all aspects, except it is generally performed to a different style of music and has a wider range of motion. Jazz class lengths are the same as tap class lengths. Combo classes are also available.

Lyrical: Lyrical can be described as a combination of ballet and jazz, and is more interpretive.  For dancers interested in a lyrical class we recommend, but do not require a very strong technical class first such as ballet, jazz, ballet technique, or turns and technique. Lyrical classes are generally an hour in length.

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Best Dance studio in Casper Wyoming_edited.jpg
Kids Dance in Casper_edited.jpg
Best Dance studio in Casper Wyoming_edited.jpg
Best Dance studio in Casper Wyoming.JPG

Hip Hop: Hip hop is a fun, upbeat discipline that consists largely of freestyle dance and acrobatic-type tricks. Participants will learn roboting, tutting, bugaloo, breakdancing, popping, locking, and more! Classes begin at age three. Hip hop classes are the same length as tap classes. Combo classes are also available.


Pre-Pointe: Important note: Pre-Pointe does not guarantee an admission to pointe. Admission to pointe is based solely upon demonstration of proper preparation. Pre-pointe is available for ages eight and up, and is focused on training the proper muscles for pointe. Dancers must be ten or older in order to test for pointe.  One of the most important factors for admission to pointe is development of foot/ankle strength. Dancers grow and mature at different rates and have different foot and bone structures. Pre-pointe provides professional and specific exercises to maximize likelihood of admission to pointe. It is also recommended, but not required for dancers in tap and Irish step as they both incorporate the same muscles in similar ways.

Pointe: Pointe is the most difficult and serious of all of the dance forms offered at Beautiful Feet. Dancers must be evaluated for pointe. For more information regarding pointe please see director, Julie Oliver.

Irish Step (hard shoe and soft shoe): Irish step dance is a traditional cultural form of dancing, made popular in America by Michael Flatley and the Riverdance Troupe. Irish hard shoe is similar to tap dancing, but with a different style. Irish soft shoe is similar to ballet and lyrical, but once again, in a different technique manner. Ceili dancing is similar to English Country Dancing – social partner dancing. We highly recommend that dancers interested in Irish step enroll in soft shoe first, or soft shoe and hard shoe simultaneously. Irish classes are generally an hour in length, divided evenly between hard and soft shoe.

Combos: Combo classes are offered for dancers ages three through seven. They are 1 hour in length and are evenly divided between the two styles of your choice (ballet/tap, ballet/tumbling, ballet/hip hop, ballet/jazz, hip hop/tap, hip hop/tumbling). Ballet/Tumbling is particularly popular at Beautiful Feet as it combines the two class styles which afford the most body control to the student. There is also an Irish step soft/hard shoe combo class offered.

Musical Theatre: Think back to the golden days of movie musicals! Gene Kelly! Fred Astaire! Ginger Rogers! This dance class focuses specifically on the styles of dance made famous by the old musicals and also has an emphasis on facial expressions and acting through your dance performance! Classes are generally an hour in length.


Sports Performance (Strength, Agility, Balance, and Flexibility): Maximize your athletic abilities, no matter what the sport! This class focuses on flexibility, strength and toning of muscles, balance, etc. Perfect for figure skating, football, basketball, hockey, and of course, dance!!! Class length depends on the students' experience, current athletic abilities, and age.

Ballet Technique

Professional ballet dancers spend hours at the barre and more time perfecting their minor technical skills than larger movements because the more correct the technique, the easier the larger movements will be. This class gives our ballet dancers the ability to really hone in on those foundational skills because they will need them! Class length depends on the dancers' ages, levels, and goals.



This class features special attention to turns and leaps, honing in on proper technique.  Class length depends on dancers' age, level, and goals.

Best dance studio in Casper Wyoming.jpg

Tumbling: Classic acrobatic training! Class length varies depending on the students' age, skill level, and goals.

Contemporary: Somewhat of a cross between lyrical and modern, contemporary is abstract with some isolations and tricks, while still holding to the basic foundation of technique that has held strong through the many generations and styles of dance. Classes are generally an hour in length.

Modern: This abstract/interpretive form of dance class will be one hour in length for advanced dancers. It may also be available for younger dancers upon request.

English Country Dancing: In the days of "Pride and Prejudice" in Regency England, dancing was a beautiful, refined, and wholesome way to spend an evening and meet new people. Let's return to this beautiful tradition. Come "have a ball" with us. Yes, we're serious! Let's go to the ball! English country is open to dancers ages twelve and up. English country is a social form of dance and will not be featured in performances. However, we will occasionally have a costume ball where we can practice the techniques we have learned!

Partner Dancing (Ballroom): Partner dancing class includes swing, waltz, two-step, country line and polka! Open to dancers, ages 12 and up. Please register with a partner if possible, however, this is not required.

Boy Ballet: Yes, you read that correctly! At Beautiful Feet we are delighted to offer an all boys' ballet class. In this class, we focus more on the athletic and masculine parts of the art in this class than we do in our regular classes. The boys at Beautiful Feet are very much like brothers and always welcome new guys to the “clan”. We do all sorts of enjoyable masculine dances such as staged sword fights and superhero battles! Come join in the fun! Are you tough enough to do ballet???

Pas de Deux: Pas de Deux is French for “step of the two” – the ballet term for partnering between a male and a female. This class focuses largely on lift technique for the girls being lifted, and for the guys lifting. It also focuses on working together as a team.


Learn the traditional ballet choreography of Petipa, Perrot, and many more!  This class is exceedingly valuable for dancers who have a deep appreciation for classical ballet and pointe. 

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